Harris &mallow westminster chime clock

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I have an 8 day school clock that is 29 years old and has stopped working. We tried cleaning with contact cleaner and used sewing machine oil. The pendulum stops swinging and there is no tick tock sound. Any ideas on what we can try to get it working again?


Diane, if the movement has not been serviced regularly (my recommendation is every 7 to 10 years), it could be that some of the parts have worn and need to be repaired. We don't recommend using cleaners and lubricants other than specifically formulated for clocks, but sometimes this will get a clock running. If you have cleaned and lubricated all parts, that must mean that you had removed the movement from the clock to perform this. One thing you can do is to remove the pendulum and move the crutch (that is the arm that comes out of the back of the clock)back and forth and see if the escape wheel actually moves when you do this. That is the part that gives you the tick tock sound. If this is not happening, it needs to be serviced. It would help me identify the movement and check a couple of things if you can send a clear digital photo to my shop email address below. If not can you give me the information found on the back plate of the movement?


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