Hazard and turn signal fuses: 2002 pt

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My turn signal and haz.lights are suddenly not working.I want to ck the fuse but the inside fuse compartment does not house the fuse for the turn signal and has lights. Where is the fuse box located under the hood and is the fuse a simple fuse like those inside or is there some kind of module ?

Many thanks


Hi Clifton, There are two fuses for these systems: 1. in the power distribution box under hood find fuse 19 (15 amp) 2. in the fuse box in the cabin find fuse 15 (20 amp) The power distribution box in the engine compartment is directly to the rear of the battery and is close to the strut tower, and is rectanglar in shape and mounted crosswise in the comparment. The fuse in box is a normal fuse. Please 'rate' my answer (see below) Thanks, Roland


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