Head light adjustment

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Hi Kevin,

I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible GTC and need to adjust the head lights up and cannot figure it out. A Chrysler dealer I went to couldn't either and also looked in a service manual with no help, also read a post by Roland and still can't find. Help Please




STANDARD PROCEDURE - HEADLAMP UNIT ALIGNMENT HEADLAMP ALIGNMENT PREPARATION Verify headlamp dimmer switch and high beam indicator operation. Inspect and correct damaged or defective components that could interfere with proper headlamp alignment. Verify proper tire inflation. Clean headlamp lenses. Verify that luggage area is not heavily loaded. Fuel tank should be FULL. Add 2.94 kg (6.5 lbs.) of weight over the fuel tank for each estimated gallon of missing fuel. ALIGNMENT SCREEN PREPARATION Position vehicle on a level surface perpendicular to a flat wall 7.62 meters (25 ft.) away from front of headlamp lens (HEADLAMP ALIGNMENT SCREEN). If necessary, tape a line on the floor 7.62 meters (25 ft.) away from and parallel to the wall. From the ground up 1.27 meters (5 ft.), tape a line on the wall at the center line of the vehicle. Sight along the center line of the vehicle (from rear of vehicle forward) to verify accuracy of the line placement. Rock vehicle side-to-side three times to allow suspension to stabilize. Jounce front suspension three times by pushing downward on front bumper and releasing. Measure the distance from the center of headlamp lens to the ground. Transfer measurement to the alignment screen (with tape). Use this line for up/down adjustment reference. Measure distance from the center line of the vehicle to the center of each headlamp being aligned. Transfer measurements to screen (with tape) to each side of vehicle center line. HEADLAMP ADJUSTMENT A properly aimed left and right low beam headlamp will project the center of the low beam hot spot on the alignment screen below the horizontal center line and 6 in. (152 mm) right of headlamp center line (HEADLAMP ALIGNMENT SCREEN). The high beam headlamps cannot be aligned. The high beam pattern should be correct when the low beams are aligned properly.

To adjust headlamp alignment, rotate alignment screw to achieve the specified low beam hot spot pattern.


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