Headlamps beams/wipers: '94 new yorker

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QUESTION: Dear Sirs. I replaced my battery and one day my low beams worked and the high beams did not. The next day the high beams did not and the third day both of the beams did not. The wipers don't work either however the wipers work through the wiper washer connection. Please help me. Daisey Fish

ANSWER: Hi Daisey, What is the year/make/model/style of body of your vehicle? Sorry for the delay in answering but I just found your question in the "pool" to which it had been referred by Kevin. Please 'rate' my answer (see below), Roland

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QUESTION: The year and make of my car is a 1994 NewYorker. Thanks Daisey Fish


Hi Daisey, That is an interesting history. Because the two systems (headlamps/wipers) are both mediated by the one multipurpose multifunction switch located on the steering column my suspicion would start there with the possibility that the 2 plugs that go into the switch are loose/displaced or that the wiring harnesses attached to those plugs have been disturbed. I don't see any relationship to the battery being changed out. It might be that the internal contacts of the several different internal switches inside the multifunction switch have oxidized and are not conducting current properly. I would start by getting at the multifunction switch to inspect it. That is done by removing the steering column tilt lever (I believe that simply unscrews), then remove the upper and lower shrouds on the steering column (screws on the underside need to be removed). Then inspect the plugs that attach to the multifunction switch and also trace along the wire harnesses that flow to those plugs to look for any damage/disconnection. If that checks out, then we will need to do some checks for the presence of voltage on the pins of those plugs and also check the behavior of the internal switch contacts using a volt-ohmmeter for all these testings. I don't believe it ia a fuse problem though you could check 30 amp fuse H in the power box in the engine compartment (middle fuse of the row of 5 on the outside edge of the box which powers the headlamps) to see if it might be blown. The washer fuse it OK since you can get function by using the washer request. Please rate my answer. Thank you, Roland


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