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I'm trying to write a forumla for a file i'm creating inbut i have hit a brick wall with it...

I'm trying to create a formula so when a user adds the letter "s" to a cell the formula finds the time the "s" is selected for....if that makes any sense

So for instance (in attached image) i have put a s in m19. I then want d19 to say 06:45

Any help would be greatly receieved.

Tom Shaw


You won't be able to do it with a formula, as what you want is when a certain condition becomes true, an unchanging value will appear in another cell - you CAN do it with VBA though - using the change event of the worksheet - it is difficult to see the picture (probably my eyesight) and I'm not clear if the cell should have ONLY an S or contain an S - if you can email me at ideally with a sample file I can try to help further.


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