Hemsley clock

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I inherited this Hemsley mantle clock which currently does not work. It has the westminster chimes %26 is encased in mahoghany wood. On the inside cover to the works, is a paper which says, By Appointment with royal stamp %26 then, Richard Hemsley Ltd. Montreal. On the brass workings is stamped a 6 star with Unghans %26 a J in the middle. The underside of the mahoghany case has a number4181 and Zinsstag Limited On the face of the clock is the name Hemsley.

I do remember this clock working and the chime is quite nice. Would this be worth fixing? Would this clock be worth anything in its present state?

Thank you for any help. Carol


Your clock was made by Junghans. This is a good brand of clock but I don't have reference material that would tell me what your clock looks like or what movement is in it. The clock definitely has value but weather or not it's worth fixing depends on what is wrong and how much it costs to fix. You can add in any sentimental value to your decision making process. If you send me a photo of the clock I can give you an estimated open market value.


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