Hermle 451 model numbers

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I am in the planning process of building a Grandmother Clock. I have settled on the Hermle 451-053 series movement. I see 3 possible variations available from different sources on the web: 451-053, 451-053H, and 451-053HS, but I have not been able to find any explanation of what the differences are between these variations. Can you help enlighten me? Thanks in advance!


the 053 is no longer being made - changed say 10-12 years ago to the 053H

the support for the pendulum post is about an inch higher than the old one. the H stands for the Higher bridge

the HS is the Self-adjusting beat version of the H movement (6 of one, 1/2 dozen the other)

I like the H

do not know what price you are getting from where - but this probably best retail:


dials they have and you need to determine the pendulum length you want -this one is the 94cm from suspension post to bottom of the rating nut on the pendulum disk


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