Hermle mantle clock,wont tick

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Hi I just purchased a Franz Hermle mantle clock with number 178,28 stamped on movement, its a dual chimer and chimes beautifully, the problem I have is with the clock not staying in rhythm and not ticking, seems to be a balance problem, when I turn clock on angle it will continue to run, however when on a level surface it refuses to run at all. The clock is fully wound, and seems in good order from what I can see of the movement. Just puzzled as to why it wont tick on a level surface, could it just need to be serviced? I don't really know anything about these clocks other than that I love them. Any ideas would be fantastic, thanks for taking the time to read:) Angie.


The reason it won't run level is the clock is whats called "out of beat". The way to put the clock in beat is to level clock, and then you need to take ahold of the rod that the pendulum hangs on and move it right or left depending on which way it is out of beat. These movements are set up with an verge with a clutch. Take ahold of the pendulum leader and move to the right until it stops. At that point you should be able to push it more which is adjusting the beat. This is easier to explain on the phone that to write it out. If this does not work please give me a call and I will be abler to explain it. Call 607-275-0129 anytime from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. Eastern time.


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