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We are considering a purchase of an antique Herschede clock with a serial number of 77476 (as indicated on back of mechanicals). Other numbers on the cabinet are 524 & 276. I am attempting to date this particular clock to further evaluate its value/worth; however, my research hasn't returned results on the number I have. Any ideas as to the date or where to locate such information?


Joan, I answered your question last night, and evidently it did not go through, so I'll try again.

I do not have any cross reference information for the serial numbers of Herschede clocks. A few years after Herschede closed their doors, the owner of R & M Imports acquired a significant portion of their tooling and parts. They now supply parts for Hereschedes. They might have some serial number identification as far as when your clock was manufactured. You can Google R & M Imports and go to their 0n-line customer service. Also, their phone number is Phone (513) 897-5015. Good luck on your purchase. I know Herschede clocks are in demand by collectors. THE VILLAGE CLOCKSMITH Old Prattvillage Prattville, Alabama


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