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Sample Worksheet John

I have a worksheet that contains pricing data for the same items from many different vendors. These prices change daily, and I update them manually daily.

I have two blank cells for each item - one where I input the quantity, and one where I select the the vendor I will choose for that item bases on their price (not always choosing the lowest).

I am trying to do two things, and I am stumped. 1) When I choose the cell with the price I want, can I automatically change the color of that cell to indicate its selection? 2) When I select that cell with that price, it obviously corresponds with a unique vendor. Can I have that vendor's name automatically inserted into a cell as shown in my attachment? 2007

Thank you very, very much! John


(1) can be achieved with conditional formatting and (2) with a match function - though I'm not 100% happy about that as it MIGHT not follow that the price is unique?

If you need help with either of these please let me know - it's got rather manic around here recently - if it helps my email is aidan.heritage@virgin.net


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