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If some was thinking of getting in the home inspection business is there a good school to go to or any on line? Is there any advice you would have for someone just starting out?



  The home inspection business is tough to break into in today's economic environment. Most inspectors starting out do not make a profit for 2-4 years. If you are going to start out try it part-time with other income coming in.
 The education/training required varies by the state you are in. Many states list the training and schools that they will accept. Many state require licensing and an initial exam. So you first need to know your state's requirements and what training they require/accept. Do not do it on-line as the field inspection work is critical. If you can find an inspector and ask to ride along on some inspections. Many inspectors will refuse as they do not want competition!
 Tough to fully answer your question without knowing what state you live in!


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