Housing codes in moscow idaho

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I lived in a house in Moscow Idaho. I was renting from a company who is known to have poor business practices and is a terrible company. The house I lived in never had a working doorbell. Where the doorbell should have been there is just exposed wire. Also the carpet on one room had to be removed so they just painted over the plywood that was already there. the windows also leaked and caused mold to form around the seals. I was wondering if these conditions are against the building codes or if they are considered to be legal. Thank you so much for your help and your tine.


Building codes deal primarily with active construction, not existing structures.

Your issues would be better addressed to the local health department as far as the leaky windows and mold. As for the floor being painted plywood, it is what it is. Your option is to stay or leave. There are wireless doorbells if you want one. Possibly the wires to the existing one are intact and only need a new button.

I don't know the situation for rentals in Moscow, maybe this is all that is available in the price range you can afford. I cannot imagine the market is huge there with lots of choices.


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