How to auto populate multiple cells based on a selection from a combo/list box

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I am trying to create a quote/cost model spreadsheet. I have a list of possible packages a sales person can select from a combo box. Based on the package selected in that combo box i would then like to auto populate multiple lines of information for the items which make up that package, their buy price, and sell price. I have created lists for all the data and set up the combo box but I cannot seem to find any information on how to link in the item information so this is completed when each package type is selected.

Hope this makes sense! Any help gratefully received.


Have your combo box store the selection in a cell, and then use that value to VLOOKUP the data you want from a table somewhere in your workbook. Here's a tutorial on VLOOKUP to get you started:

You can use the VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP function.

VLOOKUP is a powerful function in Microsoftthat allows you to look up a value from another spreadsheet - or a smaller subtable (lookup table).

See this FREE tutorial for help with VLOOKUP:


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