How to check data during entry

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While entering data incan allow to enter only certain values?

For example; in a column i need to enter sex and coding is done as 1=male and 2=female.

in this column if 3 is entered then I wantnot to allow the entry.

Hope for answer

Best Sumanta


Sumanta Neupane,

This capability is provided by Data => Data Validation (in the menus, go to data, then select Data Validation or just Validation depending on which version ofyou have (and of course your regional version - I only can answer from a US English perspective). Do this after selecting the cell you want to "control".

In the resulting dialog, in the settings tab, choose Whole Number. This will show some additional textboxes where you can put in the limits. Choose a lower limit of 1 and an upper limit of 2.

You can add a warning message (for a bad entry) and an instruction message which is shown when the cell is selected if you wish. You can do this in the other tabs in that dialog.


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