How to get and use the "value" of the reference cell?

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Is it possible to:

In my sheet I've a cost column. I want to calculate the final price by adding 50% markup, so the formula for B is = A*1.5. However, I don't want to have the cost column anymore, so I delete column A. But I can't do that because it's the base value use to calculate column B.

I believe that there must be a way to copy the value of A and use it to calculate the value of B and put that value in column B without any formula.

A, B "Cost", "Price" 10, 15 20, 30


The only way I'm aware of is to click on the B cell, or column and Edit+Copy and Edit+Paste Special+Values

This overrides the formulas in column B and puts in a hard coded value.

So, B will now just be 15. It won't show the former formula of =10*1.5.

The short cut is Ctrl+C then Alt+E,S,V

Hopefully that is what you are looking for.



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