How to lubricate a sigh grandfather clock

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The question is how to oil/lubricate my Sigh Grandfather clock.... Diassembly instruction, lubrication points, type of oil, how often is this needed, etc.

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I have a Sligh Grandfather clock, that I want to lubricate. Model #0831-1-NW, Reg #051-0004-01, Movement #500-0029, Dial #538-0086, Pendulum #560-0018

I'm sorry, but I don't understand the question.

Expert: Kenneth Saunders


I cannot teach you to be a clock repair man by email - sorry.

I do not recommend you oil your clock- not helpful to the clock and for a pro only

the numbers are proprietary to Sligh and mean nothing to a clock repair person

you can read info here:



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