How to replace a starter in a 2007 pt cruiser

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I can see what needs to be done however I can't see how to remove the air filter box to be able to remove the battery.



Hi Kevin, In the 2006 manual it shows that you remove the inlet air temp sensor, remove the lid and the filter element, then remove the air inlet elbow and the connection to the throttle bodu and then the housing is pulled straight up off a couple of hidden locating pins on the underside of the box. Note the interconnections I mentioned and try to disconnect these parts without damaging them by moving them gently to separate them. The structural collar on the 2.4L engine also will have to be removed to allow starter removal. That is not an issue on the 1.6L. I can also check the '07 manual but I need to know which engine you have. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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