How to use macros in anyfile??

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In onefile, I have data of 3 columns and some rows in SHEET 1. Columns being named with heading. Column A , B & C. I created the chart based on the data from Column A, B & C. I got the end result as desired. I made the macro from start to end - output chart. Now, I am having some other set of data in other SHEET 3, With 3 columns and some rows. When I am trying to run the macro by selecting this data, I am getting the output chart with the First Sheet data.

Please help me out as to how to make the macro data dependant. When i select the data and run the macro , the end result should be from the selected data itself.

Waiting eagerly for the exact solution from your end.




When you recorded the macro, it probably recorded using absolute references. So, when you run it you will always get the same data. Try using relative references. That may work if you always have the same amount of data and always start with the cursor at the same relative position in the data.

You will probably need to edit the macro and come up with a more robust way of identifying the data you want to chart.

Good luck.


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