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QUESTION: We have a Howard Miller "Bavaria" wall clock, purchased in Sept. 1991. It has a Westminster chime key wind pendulum movement. After a move, we found a chime rod detached from the chime block. Is it possible to buy a new chime block to restore the clock, or to attach the rod again? If so, can you direct me to a company who would sell the necessary chime block or to someone who can reliably repair the rod? I have written to the Howard Miller company, who says they no longer manufacture the Bavaria model, and no longer carry the "Bavaria" chime block. Thank you for your assistance.

ANSWER: how long is the longest rod? are there 8 rods total in the block? Is there a brass slotted head screw in the top of the block opposite each rod?

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Saunders, Thanks for responding. I appreciate it.

The longest rod is very close to 7 inches, including the portion that goes inside the block, but not counting the head screw. The visible portion of the longest rod is 6 7/16 inches.

There are 5 rods total. It's the second longest rod that broke out from the screw.

And, yes, brass slotted head screws secure each of the rods.

The screw is still in tact where the rod detached. The rod broke off cleanly, and measures 7 10/16 inches, if that's helpful.

Might we be able to buy a replacement rod, and screw it into the second slot? We live overseas.


yes it can be replaced-un-bolt the chime block-- soak the screw head in oil overnight then use the biggest screwdriver you can (it needs to fit the large slot well or you will just break the head off)

the entire block or just the rod can be had - I assume they are copper colored and not steel you can buy the right diameter 2.4mm or 2.8mm rod and cut it to the exact length of the old one including the threaded part - the length determines the sound - you might want to cut it a bit long and try the sound and then trim?

or take the old rod and the screw head to any clock shop and ask for one (old one from the scrap parts bin is fine!)


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