Howard miller 1978 model 4889

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where can I find a dial for my H M grandfather clock I had the chain moneychanger to a battery movement. a Howard miller authorized repairman did the work when it was returned to me he put a Ridgeway dial on with 3 big holes ( for key wind cable movement) he kept all the parts saying he disposed of them mine you this clock was working he saw it working now he has all the insides parts to use in his business and i have a ugly looking clock I had to pay him otherwise he would have taken the whole clock

where can i find the dial for my clock

PS I am taking him to small claims court i am 75 years old my husband passed away Oct 2009 how can a person do this to the elderly hope for a response

Mrs. castellano


This sounds reprehensible. The very first thing I would do is report this event to my local Chamber of Commerce and Better Businessman's Bureau. If that does not offer you relief, by all means pursue a small claims court proceeding. Your local legal aid society or bar association might be of help also. I do wish you well. If I had such a dial you would be most welcome to it.


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