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Hi Kenneth,

I have purchased this old floor clock and I want to replace the minute arm because it has been bent sideways. For some reason I cannot remove the center nut to remove that arm. Going counter-clockwise on it, could it be jammed solid because of it age? Should I spray some wd-40 on it and let it do it's magic?

Thanks in advance for the answer



avoid at all costs SPRAYING ANYTHING on a clock

wet a cotton swab or such and dab some on the nut-come back in a few hours

if you hold the hand and use pliers- it should come right off

the hand may be loose in the center collet so the nut would turn but the hand is not holding the shaft the nut is threaded to - so nothing happens?

in that case you need to try to get under the center of the hand with pliers to hold the center portion

or you can destroy the hand in the process without worry - holding it or ripping it off (you are going to replace it anyway)


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