I'm going to be dating a minor

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ok i'm 17 about to be 18 june 15 2008, i've been dating this girl for a while now..i keep telling her that we HAVE to break up when i turn 18 becus i dont wanna end up going to jail n when she turns 18 we can get back together...if i werent to break up with her n her dad or mom calls the cops could i get in trouble? we do sometimes do sexuals things with each but could i get in trobule? and another question in my health class they were telling us if iyour between the ages of 16-18 you cant date ne younger then that....is that true as well?



You have not told me how old this girl is. You also havent told me what state your in. In all states, it is a crime to have sexual contact with a person below the age of consent, regardless of your age. Refer to this website for the age of consent in your state. http://www.actwin.com/eatonohio/gay/consent.htm


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