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I have files with thousands of cells of information. I am looking for 2 or 3 macros that will aid in creating a new format (columnar to row format). The first macro is a counter to count the number of instances for a given category code and the second macro will take a date for each category code and place into a row format and the third macro would place the tracking code in an identical format to pair up with the date. The first macro is utilized so I can sort like instances together so macro-2 and macro-3 can work large quantities of similar data. I am using Microsoft2007 and Windows Vista. Is this possible as I have laid it out is there a better avenue to accomplish this task? I prepared a sample .xlsx sheet for illustration purpose, however, I do not see a way to provide that sample sheet to you. This web site is only accepting "Image" formats.



you can send the file to me at add a bit more explanation about what you want. Such as a before and After view. I am sure everything is clear in your mind, but I am not tracking. When you say columnar to row - that doesn't describe a cell format to me - perhaps you are using format to be the same as Layout. If you mean layout, then I assume you want to transpose your data or some of your data.

the more insight into what you want, the better I might be able to help you.

send it to


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