I need radio buttons with groups but i donot want group box boarder line

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I created radio buttons in a cell in a MS-Excel 2007.I copied this row to another row also...Right now i need to group each row into one one group.i can do using group box..But group box is leaving the boarder line around that particular group...My requirement is not to have this boarder line in a group.

And also another one if i create a radio button in a cell it is not resizing if i resize a row in a Excel.How to do it..

Above are very urgent to me ....Please provide me the Answers..... ANSWER: Use ActiveX radio buttons instead of Forms radio buttons, then right-click while in design mode and assign a GroupName to each one. Those which share the same group name will be treated as if they were inside the group box, but now that's not necessary. Unfortunately, these guys will not resize when the row resizes.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Perhaps i will explain in detail my requirement for better clarity ...i would like to conduct survey on my Service usage with some questionaries ....Finally i need to find the average based on the response...So in radio buttons i have only optons like 1) Excellent 2) Good 3) Acceptable 4) Poor.....So upon cliking any one option above i am getting value in linked cell....So using these values i am calculating weighted average of the service usage......

This is my requirement ..Can you suggest me am i in right path or can it be done in another way using other methods in excel....? Unfortunately i am working on this with some tight dead lines...Please help me ...


Each radio button can be assigned to a particular linked cell (in design mode, properties, you can pick a cell). So of your 4 buttons per question, you can assign them to C4,D4,E4,F4, for example, and these will be TRUE/FALSE (only one will be True), and you can use a match statement to see which is true & assign it a value, like =IFERROR(MATCH(TRUE,C4:F4,0),0) and 1 would be excellent, 2 good, etc.



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