Identifying pocket watch

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I too have read the questions and posts and I am a bit baffled trying to figure out what kind of pocket watch I have. When opening the clock face it does have a serial #, but as I have been doing research the serial # should be on the backside of the watch (inner-workings)which it is.

Here's why I am confused and if you could give me some clarity I would be so appreciative! The face of the watch says Southbend. When I open the back of it it has the stamp trademark C.W.C.C.O with the same serial # that is on the front of the watch. ???? Which brand is it and how can I look it up. I used the serial # in the Southbend look up and it doesn't exist! Help me please if you can. Seriously confused! Thank you kindly, Keira


Your watch is a South Bend. C.W.C.CO. stands for Cresent Watch Case Company. You will need to remove the case back to expose the watches motor. Looking in to the movement you will see the ballance wheel and the balance cock, you will also see the name South Bend Watch Company, South Bend Indiana. The sereial number is usually stamped on the rim of the back plate oposite the name stamping. South Bend started with a serial number of about 370,000 in 1903 and went out of production about 1930 using a serial number of around 1,400,000. Hope this helps you.


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