Idle and gas

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i have a 1990 fleetwood fwd. i have replaced many parts in my car including the ibc, fuel injectors, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires, front engine mounts, thermostat, and catalytic converter, ect. my problem is that my car idles a little rough and it will smell like gas. any ideas on what might be the problem? also my break light is on and pedel will go all the way to the floor. any ideas?



Can't help you on your running problem and don't go giving me a lousy rating on knowledge. Drivability is not my field.

Your brake light is on and your pedal goes to the floor because it sounds like you have a leak somewhere in the brake system. Since 1964, manufacturers use a dual braking master cylinder. The pedal may go to the floor but will stop in an emergency. Cars built before that year, you had absolutely no brakes.

I would not recommend driving this way and would consider towing to a local service center (not the dealer-you will just get ripped off). This is a serious problem. I can't tell you what is leaking because I am not at the vehicle, but it should be pretty obvious.


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