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Dear Craig

References A24 = dropdown box with about 18 options to choose from D24 = the cell in which i would like a price to appear that corresponds to the chosen option in A24 G1:G18= Range of cells in which the validation list for A24 is take Product codes and description H1:G18 = price for each corresponding G cell.

I have a Cost quotation with 18 different products which have 18 different prices, how do i create a formula in D24 that will make a specific price appear in D24 when a corresponding optioon is chosen in A24.

I used the LOOKUP formula but it creates incorrect prices in D24.

the formula i used was =lookup(A24,G1:G18,H1:H18)

Please could you help me create a formula for this enquiry.

thank you and best Tasha


Try modifying your formula to look like this:


The dollar signs make absolute references so that the formula is always looking over the whole range of options and returning the corresponding item from the second column.



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