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Mr. Ogilvy, I'm trying to create a formula that will read a value from a ranking. I have a drop down list of 39 different metal gauges and types. On another part of the spreadsheet I have the sheet sizes for each one of these gauges. 16 gauge for example might have 8 sheets sizes while 12 gauge only has 4. These sheet sizes are ranked based from another cell which gives the part size. I want a cell to choose the number 1 rank from the gauge I have selected in the drop down list. A sheet name might be m01-018 in cell D1. In cell F1 it has a rank of 1. I want the formula cell to show m01-018. If I change the drop down selection from 16 gauge to 12 gauge galvanized it needs to switch to the number 1 ranking in that range. In addition, if I change the part size the ranking automatically changes and I need the cell to follow the number 1. I hope I explained my request clear enough for you.




I could probably do something for you, but not based on just what you have told me. I would have to see the sheets and set up the formula for the specific cells that have data and so forth. If you want to send me you file with a clear explanation of what you want where and include you above description, I can try to help you. Send it to


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