If with left function in formula

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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014 09:42 PM GMT


This formular: SUM(IF(LEFT($A$12:$A$30,3)="UTL",$H$12:$H$30))

Will not pickup from the following:

 A12               H12



Just place the cursor in the formula cell and press F2 and now you will be in formula editing mode now just press CNTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Now you will notice that the formula is getting the desired result.

This formula will not work with general Enter, since it is an array formula we need to give CNTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to make the formula to run.

Otherwise try the below formula which is not an array formula so you need not to give CNTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and the general enter will make the formula to run perfectly. =SUMPRODUCT((LEFT($A$12:$A$30,3)="UTL")*($H$12:$H$30))


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