Imperial mantel clock

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Kelly And Darlenes Clock

I emailed U earlier and here are the pics ...just would like to knw IF U have any infoemation on the clock the crest or any part of origin...Thanks !!!!!


Darlene, I have gone thru over 200 of my answered Allexerts questions and emails (some have been lost) for the last 3 months and I cannot find your original question. However, I do not recognize the individual design of your clock. The design would be a crest type but not any family crest. I would say it is a French figural clock or an American French style clock such as an Ansonia. I am a subscriber to the Antique Clocks Price and Identification Guide Website. As a non-subscriber, I believe you can Google this Website for some identification but I don't know how much information you will get other than photos. I skimmed through a few clocks of these types and did not see the design like yours. If it is American I would suspect Ansonia. Sorry I could not help you more.


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