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Hi John,

I have an S. LaRose #084069 chain-driven movement, unused and still in its original packing material, with weights, pendulum and all of its various hardware. I'm looking for instructions on how to install it. Given that LaRose is no longer in business, would you have any idea of where to find those instructions?

I bought the movement from LaRose in the early 1990's, when starting construction of a tall case clock. The clock is now done and I'd like to install the movement.

Thanks for any help!



Len, the S. LaRose number was their number for the movement manufactured by a movement company. If you will give me all the information on the back plate of the movement, I will see what I can get for you. If you will, send it to my email address below and I can give you the details.

Note: Because of the number of Allexpert questions and follow ups, and the excessive backlog in my shop, I regret that I can only answer the Allexperts questions at this time.


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