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my dog is 5 years old and over the last 2 or 3 weeks he has started itching at the bottom of his back at the top of his tail also just about in the middle too it drives him berserk someone told me it could be that his anal glands need emptying he has never had them emptied before he has chewed his tail at the top until it bleeds veterinarian fees are so high and i am on benefits so any advice you can give me will be very much appreciated thank you in advance


While anal gland problems can cause this, I would be more likely to think of a flea allergy. That is typical for that type of allergic reaction. Ask your vet to give the dog a shot of dexamethasone and then some dexamethasone tablets for 2-3 weeks to see if that wil heal it up and stop the itch. If there are any fleas, then use Frontline TopSpot at least monthly.


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