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I have a puppy that I have to keep outside in a doghouse this winter. What could I do to keep her warm, I have been reading about the dog heat pads you can put in the doghouse and also about infrared heaters that can be put in the doghouse. Which do you think is best, or could I use both? What wattage of heat lamp should I use?



Could you please tell me what is the breed of your dog, and how old is she exactly?

Thanks, Caglar Kondu, DVM

Hi again!

I think that she is very young to stay outside be herself. Of course in the nature there are dogs who give birth outdoors and the puppies grow outdoors, but the mother is there to keep them warm.

Your puppy is very young and is very prone to getting viral and bacterial infections. Did she get vaccinated yet for all the possible diseases? I would advise to keep her indoors for at least a couple of months more, then get her used to stay outside. But if it is not possible, you can use that heating pad as you have mentioned. Are the wirings inside the pad covered by a non-chewable material also? Because the puppy may just rip apart the pad if she gets bored. And also since she may pee on it, make sure it is also waterproof to avoid electric shocks. Please check these points with the manufacturer. You may use the heating lamp instead of the pad, if the pad is not totally safe for the points I have mentioned. Make sure you put the lamp high enough so that the dog can't reach it, or the wirings needed. I can not tell you an exact wattage, because I live outside of US and in a different circuit system.

Kind Regards, Caglar Kondu, DVM


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