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I would like to ask if there are a lot of worksheets (about 90) in thefile, can I go to the specific worksheets quickly instead of looking for it one by one?

i got ur answer, but without using mouse can u tell me keyboard shortcut.



I believe you asked your original question to someone else (it sounds like you are asking a followup; however, I did not answer a previous question from you).

Here is a keyboard shortcut to scan through the different tabs in a workbook: CTRL-PageDown CTRL-PageUp

Here is a keyboard shortcut to go to a specific page:

CTRL-G will bring up the "Goto" box.

Type in your page name followed by ! like this:


or if there is a space in the page name add single quotes around it...

'Space in name'!A1

I hope that is what you were looking for - all of these can be done without the use of a mouse.


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