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QUESTION: I have a brand new H Miller clock with the Kieninger SKS 12 movement. I got this very cheap as it had been damaged in the store and they let it go with no warranty. It is missing the pendulum and two of the three chains have been completely pulled out. On the back of the movement besides the SKS 12 marking it has 116cm and 354 575. What length pendulum do I need to buy and do I need a pendulum spring? How do I re-install the weight chains and which side do they hang from? The weights have no markings, are they all the same weight? I am very mechanically inclined but I know nothing about this clock. If I have to remove the movement I believe I can do it if I have instructions or a diagram. Thanks

ANSWER: back of the movement is a round post off the top back tha has the suspension spring and then the leader hanging fron it and then the pendulum hangs fromm the leader

both here:

the leader:

the weights go on: heaviest on the right and next heaviest in the middle(often stamped on the bottoms with R L & C-enter)

the pendulum is a one second pendulum 116cm is the length from the round post to the center of the pendulum disk--no place I know to get one other than Howard Miller is Clocks Unlimited in Wayland MI 269-792-9607--just tell Bud at Clocks Unlimited that you need a 116 cm pendulum for a Kieninger SKS12 -- he may ask what diameter disk or how fancy you want it.

You can call HM and find out from the model # (or name)(or maybe google the model online to find the info) what size disk the clock normally comes with and get a price and call Bud to compare prices.

Howard Miller

860 East Main Avenue Zeeland, Michigan 49464-1300 Phone: 616-772-7277

The chains I can help you with - the chain wheel sprokets ratchet one way - the left and right are easy - the center is hard - just start the end of the chain that does not have the hook over the wheels on the outside and rotate them with your finger till the chains go up and over and down. We will talk about the center one sometime later.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your help. I am researching the penulum. I have been able to get the left and right chains OK but the center sprocket will not turn. The center sprocket still has the chain on it but the end is not reachable, evidently the end is on top of the sprocket. How can I get the center sprocket to turn so I can access the chain?


I guess you have to remove the movement to get access

remove weights and pendulum

remove nut holding minute hand on remove hand remove hour hand (twist and pull off) and second hand the same if so equipped

remove two bolts underside of movement holding movement to seat board

unlatch the latches on the four posts off the back of the dial as they go through the movement at each corner

lift slightly the entire movement and move it back in the case against the chime rods pull the dial forward and un-plug it from the movement

lift up the dial, rotate it 45 degrees and remove it bottom first out the front of the clock

remove the movement- fix the problem ( the center wheel ratchets clockwise but the end of the chain is wedged- pliers or prod with screwdriver?)


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