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I need to replace this motor. I understand that the company that made them went out of business. would you have this motor or a replacement for it that would work. Thank you Barrie Clark


Barrie, I will check with my Internet Clocksmiths Group and see if anyone has one or knows of a source. If not, we do have some members that rebuild some of these types of motors. It might help if you can send a clear photo of the motor to my shop email address below

Barrie, I received this note from one the suppliers on my Internet Clocksmiths Group. I am sending this to you so we are not woking in parallel efforts and it will give you some insight on what you need:


I think I did talk to your possible on line customer yesterday. The item number you have isn't complete because it doesn't 100% identify the mounting shaft length of the movement. It can be the standard 3/8" or the no longer available 3/4".

We have only the standard short shaft or the motor to fix the long shaft. When fixing the long shaft in about50% of the applications one of the gears is broken and then the only way to fix it is to build 1 good movement out of 2.

This information and a photo sent to my shop email address I sent you will help.


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