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What it the difference's between the following Cadillac letters starting with the CTS model,XLR,STS,SLS, SRX models and which is considered the least expensive to the most expensive model?



CTS is the 4 door version of the SRX.

STS stands for Seville Touring Sedan

SLS is Seville Luxury Sedan

As for trying to describe the difference, it is a little difficult. The XLR is a convertible built on a Corvette chassis-2 seater--Great car, up dated version of my old 1998 Allante.

SRX is the little station wagon.

As far as pricing, I don't pay attention any more. I used to buy a new Cadillac every year, but have changed my priorities getting sick of wasting money. These days I drive a 1999 Chevrolet 3/4 4x4 red Suburban with a 7.4 (454 CI) engine. Can't pull my 24' pontoon with a Cadillac. Best thing about this truck-it looks and drives like new and it is paid for! The Cadillacs were always financed.

The SLR first came out in 2004 and they used the same body for years, so you could buy and 2004 and the changes are slight up to at least 2008 other than about 2006, they had a supercharged version and driving one of these was insane!! Fun like one never had! As I said thugh, it only seats 2 and is not meant for a family. There are far to many CTS's out there and they too did not change for years. They are a neat looking car, but really does not define someone because they are everywhere.

The SLS and the STS are full size and have distinct styling. I have put many a mile oon them driving everywhere through the State of California.

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