Limited edition u.s. constitutional commerative clock

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I have this subject clock, but unfortunately I have no key. Is there somewhere that I can obtain a key? It was a product of Winfield Marketing,7350 N. Ridgeway, Skokie, Illinois 60076. I don"t know how to obtain one. Could you please advise me. I would be grateful for your input.


Shirley, I apologize for the delay in this answer, but I received the question and answered it. Evidently it did not go through because the question was still in my Allexperts queue this morning.

In answer to your question, these commerative clocks were manufactured for promotional companies by original clock companies who assembled parts from other manufacturers. Therefore, model records were not passed on and very little information is known about them. The good news is that the key you need is probably available. There were quite a few types manufactured, so we have to determine which type would work. We can do this in one of two ways. First, if the door is open and you can remove the lock (usually by removing 2 screws), send it to me and I can match it. If the door is locked and you cannot remove the lock, I can send you an assortment of keys from which you can try. If you will let me know by contacting me at my shop email address, I can give you the details. Right now my assortment is going to another customer, but let's find out what you can do first.


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