Linden clocks

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Who is the maker of linden clocks. I have tried to find history on the company and didn't come up with anything. Was going to buy a vintage wall clock but I would like to know if they are U.S.A. or otherwise.


The Linden brand is American. After a long history as a maker of clocks they have been bought and sold several times and were included in a few bankruptcies. They have been owned by: Seth Thomas General Time Colibri Alliance Time I don't know who owns the Linden brand name right now because of a bankruptcy in 2009. Where your clock was made will depend on when it was made. Sadly, all of the American clock company brands have ended up importing parts or complete clocks and reselling them under their American names. Some companies still make the cases and do assembly in the states, but all of the mechanical movements are made overseas. Some of the battery movements are American but that is all that's left of the once grand industry. You would have to look at the back of your clock movement to find out where it was made. If it's a wind up clock, the movement is probably from Germany. I hope this information is helpful to you. clock parts and repair


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