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QUESTION: Hello, I am building a cuckoo clock for the first time. The theme is Oompah Band. I have sorted out all the linkages to make this clock animated except for the linkage which connects the musicians linkage to the music box movement. I have come about to the attached photo showing an h-shaped part(shown in the bottom centre of the movement) which will eventually animate the band. My problem is how is this attached to the movement.


ANSWER: Hi Ronald, it looks like there is a rod coming down the front of the movement into that H shaped piece. I can't tell for sure by this view but I think this is your driver for the band. It does not directly connect to the music box, rather it is driven by the bear train that also drives the music box. When your music box runs, does that rod rotate?

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QUESTION: Hi Thank you for your response. In fact I do not own the pictured clock and therefore I cannot tell whether the rod rotates when the music box runs. I am just trying to figure out how it works in order to use the same system on my clock which I am building. But I think that you are right when you say that the rod is driven by the bear train. Thank you once again.


Sorry, I meant to type "gear train". Spell check did not catch that typo. OK, I thought this was a photo of the clock you are building. You will need to purchase a cuckoo movement that is set up for driving the band figurines. The rod coming down the middle rotates and an offset portion at the bottom of that rod pushes a lever that goes toward the front of the case. That lever pivots under the front of the clock case. Therefore, the front of that lever moves back and forth driving the platform that the figurines are riding on. You should see one that is operating to get an idea of how it all works. Also, you will probably have to purchase all of the parts for the band platform. Making them from raw materials will be very difficult. I have not been able to find any company selling the band platform but here is a link to the band figurines and the bases that they stand on. Perhaps this will give you an idea of the direction you are going:


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