Linking sheets in a workbook to master sheet

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      I have a first sheet with a list of players names their positions, age, height, weight etc. I also have 11 additional sheets in the workbook (1 for each individual player). I was wondering If there is a way to link these with the players in the first table. for example, if I want to see all data collected on a player all I have to do is click his name in the first table without having to trawl my way through the sheet tabs at the bottom?



There are two different ways to accomplish what I think you're looking for.

You can create hyperlinks to click on the name on the first sheet and have it go directly to one of the other tabs and then you can create a hyperlink on each of those sheets to send you back to your master sheet.

On the master sheet, right click on a name and choose hyperlink and select "Place in this Document" and choose the tab you want it to go to. You may need to retype the name in the Text to display box. Repeat for each name.

If you are just wanting to show totals, etc. from the individual sheets on the master, you could link to the individual tabs by clicking a cell on the master and typing = and then clicking the other tab and choosing the cell that you want to return the value. Say on the individual tab you have a running total of points per game and there is a cell that calculates average. Link that to the master.



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