Lock selected range.

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i want to lock selected cell & selected range of cell which shouldnt edit in later. pls advise how to process this scenario?




It takes a few procedures but this is what I do.

First-- go toolbar/tools/protection/protect sheet and protect the sheet.

Second-- go to toolbar/tools/protection/protect sheet and unprotect sheet

Third-- clic on all cells (intersection of the row and column headings) then go to toolbar/format/cells/protection and unclic the locked box.

Fourth-- paint or make active the cells that you want to lock and go to toolbar/format/cells/protection and clic the locked box

Fifth--go to toolbar/tools/protection and protect the sheet.

Now only the cells that you have selected to be locked should be locked the rest should be unlocked.

There may be an easier way, but this works for me.


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