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My 3 year old chow/Golden Retriever mix developed a hypopigmented area on the top part nose about a month ago that has not gotten any better. That part of her nose is also smoother than the rest. I'm worried this is discoid lupus based on other pictures I have seen of dogs with this condition (I can send a pic of my dog if that would help). I am also worried that she could have systemic lupus, based on other symptoms she has had at various times -- she has limped a few times for about a week at a time, she is a very itchy dog (which we thought was due to food allergies), and she recently had what we think was a UTI (we couldn't get a urine sample but she was licking her urethra and it went away with a week of antibiotics). How common is this disease in dogs and how worried should I be?


Discoid lupus can be confirmed with a biopsy sent off to a pathologist. If it is discoid lupus, a topical drug called tacrolimus is the best thing. Not too worrisome. If there are systemic signs, then a lifelong tetracycline/niacinamide therapy is needed. Check with your vet.


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