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I have anworkbook with six sheets: "Summary", "RK000", "RK001", "RK002", ¡°RK003¡± and ¡°RK004¡±. In the Summary Sheet there are currently four active rows, each row is made up of a number of cells with formulas that gather data from some of the other sheets i.e. Row 1 collects data fro RK000, Row 2 from RK001, Row 3 from RK002 and Row 4 from RK003.

What would be a fantastic help to me is if I had a macro that could do the following things when run:

a) Copy Row 1 of the Summary Sheet containing the data for RK000 (would it be possible for Row 1 to be hidden but still copied and pasted?), b) Paste the copied row into the next row below the last active row (in this example it would be pasted into Row 5), c) Display an Input Box asking: "What is the name of the sheet you want to collect the data from?" d) Automatically replace every reference to RK000 in the newly pasted row with the name of the sheet typed into the Input Box (in this example, say, RK004).

Sadly, I only have a very basic understanding of VBA. I am able to use formulas and the macro recorder - but they can only take me so far. So, on occasions, my ideas run away from my abilities to put them into practice!

Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed. Many thanks - James


I understand the frustration of being able to dream of processes to simply your work but not able to implement them due to lack of resources or time to learn.

The description on the process is clear to me. Email me your file and I will take a look at what I can do to help.


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