Maitenance schedule for emperor model 100m

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Dear John Newman, In 1973 I purchased a Model 120 Emperor Grandfather Clock Kit. It has a model 100M Movement made by Uhrenfabrik for Emperor. Now that I'm retired I have decided to unpack and assemble it! My question specifically is - is there anything that I should do, like relubricate, before I do the final installation? If I do need to lubricate, can you show me the specific points? Thanks in advance for your advice, Bob


Bob, the movement you have was manufactured by either Erhard or Heinz Jauch and should have a "77" somewhere on it. The Jauch Company is no longer in business. Any movement that has been in storage for a while should receive a fresh application of oil and grease. I have made up instructions and labeled photos of movements and would be glad to send you copies. Please contact me at my shop email address below and I'll be glad to send them to you.


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