Map sensor on '86 chrysler laser 2.2 turbo

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Hey Roland! One more question on my '86 Chrysler Laser 2.2 Turbo... Way back when we got the car back from the dealer when we did the key thing where you get the error codes it said the map sensor was bad. We got another map sensor for it but when we installed it the car really ran crappy....we got another one thinking that one was bad and it runs crappy with that one too. Is there something we are missing in putting those in? Meanwhile all the codes have gone away so they might have disturbed it but why would it matter if we replaced it? What would make such a difference to run so crappy?

Thanks! Sandy


Hi Sandy, If the map sensor code is gone now, then presumably there is nothing wrong with its function as seen by the powertrain controller (logic module). I can't explain why a new sensor would make it worse or at least not better. But I would believe that absent a current code the map sensor itself is no longer at issue. However I have seen a situation where the MAP reading can be inaccurate but not so badly as to set a code. So it would be good to verigy that it is well-connected (air-wise) to the intake manifold. There is a long vacuum line from the logic module in the cabin where the MAP is attached that runs through the firewall and to the throttle body. That vacuum line may well be cracked and needs to be replaced. Once you verify the vacuum line the last possibility is that the MAP itself may be inaccurate but not so badly as to set a code but only a voltage reading of its signal level would give you indication of that. Please rate my answer and again if you would be so kind as th give me a nomination I would appreciate that. Roland


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