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I am making a questionnaire, and i receive responses from time to time, suppose the questionnaire questions are: 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. What do you do for living? The questionnaire file name is named after each one, so suppose the file names are Tom.xls, Patric.xls and Jo.xls

What i need is: - To have a Master workbook that reads from received questionnaires. The Master workbook should be horizontally arranged, so column A should read Name, B = Age and C = Job. - I need to add what i received from time to time to this folder and when i open the Master Workbook i need to find it updated with the newly added questionnaires.


This is not a trivial task as you have it set up. You would definitely need to use VBA to search the current directory, open each file, ensure it's the right type (in case you have other files in that directory), see if the file's data is already in the master, and add it if not, then close that file & continue. This would have to be triggered somehow (perhaps a button in the master wb). -- Is this what you envisioned?


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