Match two columns in different tabs

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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014 09:47 PM GMT


I would like to match two set of data in two different tabs so the two tabs are connected and when I change the order in one tab, the other gets changed too.


I am not sure I undestand what you mean by "match".

If you want to make two tabs look alike where both have the same data then you can use a link formula to bring over from one sheet the data in the other sheet. For example this formula in sheet2 will bring over the data from cell A1 sheet1 to the formula cell in sheet2 =+Sheet1!A1 Each time the value in cell A1 sheet1 is changed, the value in sheet 2 will also change. If you change the order in sheet1 then the order in sheet2 will also change. This formula can be copied down or across and it will change with, relative referencing, to bring over the values from the other cells in sheet1


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