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I just need the formula for merging two cells into a third cell. i.e. Store # (cellA1); 46526(cell A2); Store #46526 (cell A3). I know how to copy and paste values so I can delete CellsA1 and A2 Barbara


Your question is not clear to me but still whatever I have understood from it I think you want to merge the data from the three cells to on cell. If that is so then I would suggest you the following: Lets say you have a set of data in A1, another in B1 and the last on in C1. Then in D1 you type in the formula: =A1&B1&C1 I you have some other then please mail me. i will try to solve it.


At work I need to list the top 300 investors for 6 different sales people using information from each of their individual monthly sales.

I would like to be able to match criteria from 5 columns while the last column which is assets gets added up rather than compared.

Here is the layout for the top row;

DC | RC | Dealer | City | Advisor | Assets |

Essentially I want to find a faster way to compare the first few columns to ensure it is the same person then add the assets so I only have 1 line rather than manually making a list then sorting then manually adding the total assets together.


In this case my suggestion would be to use a pivot table. You can start the wizard on the menu Data->Pivot table and pivot chart reports, and then you will be able to apply all the conditions that you need and the pivot table will make the calculations for you.

If you need any assistance with the creation of the pivot table, please write.


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