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Background to my problem -

Every week i have to write down the amount of hours i have worked for each day into ansheet. I find it very tedious to manually write down the dates for each day (UK date format).

Below is an example of what i typically write for a week -

week 1 dates hours worked monday 01.01.10 x tuesday 02.01.20 x wednesday 03.01.10 x thursday 04.01.10 x friday 05.01.10 x saturday 06.01.10 x sunday 07.01.10 x

total xx

week 2 dates hours worked monday 08.01.10 x tuesday 09.01.20 x wednesday 10.01.10 x thursday 11.01.10 x friday 12.01.10 x saturday 13.01.10 x sunday 14.01.10 x

total xx

As you can see, i have to write down manually the dates (UK date format). Is there anformula that displays the pre-configured dates in the UK format as above, so that i do not have to type in the dates every week please?

Please excuse me if i have not explained my problem correctly.


You can format the entire column as dddd and then just add 1 to the cell above; when there's a new week you can add 1 to the previous sunday (not being the cell directly above). So it's all formula based, and you can pre-fill the daates way into the future.


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